Krav 360 Self Defense Academy

Black Belt Instructor Quentin Dunford

Quentin Sensei Quentin Dunford has been actively participating in the martial arts for over 25 years. Sensei is certified in Krav Maga, Eskrima, and Ninjutsu and is also ranked in Muay Thai and Kickboxing.
The mission of the Krav 360 Self Defense Academy is to provide others with the skills, mindset, and knowledge in order to better and strengthen their lives. Sensei Dunford lifts this mission in his academy through his attention to the individual, their strengths, needs and goals. Sensei Quentin

Ninjutsu Class for both children & adults:

Krav 360 Self Defense Academy offers the ancient art of Ninjutsu, “The Art of Perseverance.” Classes are tailored for both children, starting age 7 to adults.  Students will learn the purpose and use of ancient weapons and hand to hand combat (kicking, striking, joint locks, and grappling). This style is purely intended for self-defense and combat.

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Women’s Fight Back Boot Camp

Come learn simple, practical, and proven effective self-defense techniques to build your confidence and self-esteem for today's world. This class will focus on practical techniques for student safety and alertness. Students of any activity level are accommodated in this class. This camp offers a safe, fun and friendly training atmosphere for ladies only. Expect to walk away with confidence and a heightened chance of survival if ever faced with a threatening situation. Ages 12 to adults.

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Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense

Sensei Quentin This class teaches students practical effective self-defense and awareness techniques. It will focus on how to neutralize threats, increase their awareness, and disarm weapons such as a gun or a knife threat. Protecting oneself on the ground and instilling escape tactics are also a focus of this series. This street defense class is for ages 13 to adults.


Eskrima (stick & knife combat training)

This combat course will quickly develop the student’s awareness and alertness in any threatening situation. The student will focus on defending themselves with techniques such as blocking, striking, cutting, kicking, throwing, and weapon disarms. Participants can expect heightened hand-eye coordination and see a marked increase in their speed to defend themselves.  Ages 13 to adults.

Sensei Quentin


“I have always wanted to take a self defense class and was excited to see it being offered in Wytheville. I felt empowered from the very first class!” Deanna Spraker, Krav Maga

"We are so excited that we signed our girl “Emma” up for Ninjutsu with Quentin Dunford. It means more than you know to see your child come out of class smiling from ear to ear because she loves this class. We love that it’s structured so they learn but they also have a great time doing it. Sensei works really well with the kids teaching them in Japanese. Emma said she loves that’s it’s really fun and she loves that she learns something new every class. We highly recommend this class." Denna Allen








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