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Vocational Training and Educational Fitness
for Youth Packages

A Step Above Personal Training Concepts has added an outdoor recreational component for youth development.  If your child finds it difficult to find his or her niche maybe we can help? We have developed several different educational programs which might spike your interest. We also have classes we schedule during the day to accommodate homeschoolers as well.

This class will teach the basic concepts of this traditional art.  Students will learn through demonstrations and hands on how to Identify high carbon steel, identify critical temperature, shaping steel, hammering/filing, heat treatment process; annealing, hardening, tempering. Ages 11 years and up.

Blacksmithing using tools


Wilderness Skills welcomes an outdoor setting for fun and adventure while learning simple outdoor preparedness techniques. This class will teach the basic level of wilderness safety and awareness, shelter construction, multi-fire starting techniques, water procurement/purifying, and wilderness cooking methods.  Participants will learn the importance of teambuilding and foster positive life skills. Ages 8 and up.

Shelter building Shelter building


This class is designed to introduce youth to the basic concepts of weight training.  Students will learn to identify the different muscle groups and the primary names of the exercises that work those muscles.  Students will improve in strength, agility, balance & flexibility; learn correct form and breathing techniques.  Students will also be taught how to track their workouts. Students will also be instructed on the importance of training etiquette and gym safety.  Ages 11 and up.

Jinjer drawing on board proper sit-ups students using machines


*A STEP ABOVE PERSONAL TRAINING CONCEPTS will not be held liable for individuals training independently from facility. We guarantee significant results when exercising and supervised by our Certified Personal Trainers.

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