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Workshops: Developing Young Athletes

These strength and conditioning workshops are for any team or individuals in a sport setting. These workshops will help to develop and enhance the components of fitness based on the young athlete’s current physical development. Areas such as strength and conditioning, speed training, flexibility and endurance training will optimize their current level of fitness for any specific sport. Also the psychological aspects of the sport is discussed. The "Mental Coach" will teach how to strengthen a team who is struggling with performance anxiety, motivation, leadership or communication skills. These workshops incorporate specificity training in addition to teamwork activities in a safe and moral environment. You can book workshops with a minimum of one, no more than 3, hour session(s), with a minimal of four per group. Call and reserve for your workshop today.

Coach and Student Girls running Track Youth circle

*A STEP ABOVE PERSONAL TRAINING CONCEPTS will not be held liable for individuals training independently from facility. We guarantee significant results when exercising and supervised by our Certified Personal Trainers.

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