Jody Gibson, What can you say about working with someone who changes your life at 53 years old.  PRETTY AMAZING is what comes to mind.

My journey with Jinjer Covert started in November 2011.  At 53 years old, I was overweight and out of shape from the normal mid-life activities that begin in the late 30’s and 40’s where work and other commitments seem to have priority over your health.  In my earlier years I was very active with basketball, tennis and snow skiing but over the last 15 years or so – a bad back and crappy knees requiring two surgeries, got in the way as well as stress and work and …….the list goes on and on.  I had begun to try to get in some form of shape but continually injured myself when trying to lift weights or exercise.

Luckily I was introduced to Jinjer at the perfect time and since then my body has begin to transform.  I now seem to have something called “abs” and can now walk up a flight of stairs with the strength in my knees and core to carry myself with ease.  No more back pain, no more knee pain and most of all I FEEL GREAT!!!  The most amazing thing to me was really how simple it is working with Jinjer three times a week for just one hour.  She is amazing to work with and knows just what is right for your particular situation.  It took six weeks to just unlock my body from years of misuse.  I now stand tall, walk straighter and can feel the changes taking place.  Most importantly she has taught me that “Low and Slow” wins and that you don’t have to kill yourself with exercise to improve the overall quality of your life. 

Anyone who in middle ages is feeling old and out of shape really needs to try “A Step Above” and working with Jinjer Covert.  Aside from the fact that she makes it fun – she really can help you change your life for the better!!!

“Fifty Three headed back to Mid-Thirties”

Eddie Dillow, "Prior to working out with Jinjer I had become someone who was not enjoying exercising. I was limited in what I could do due to my lower back pain. Jinjer's program, using different exercises and stretching methods, has eliminated my back pain. I now understand that exercising does not have to be boring and painful but enjoyable with great results. In six weeks my body fat is down 6.7%, and I have lost a total of 4.5 inches overall. My attitude and knowledge about exercising is up 100%. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about their health give Jinjer's program at A Step Above Personal Training Concepts a try."

Linda Dillow, "After working with Jinjer for six weeks, I am in better shape than I have been in a long time. I am 54 years old, work long hours, and have not been making time for exercise. I have had two back surgeries and have always experienced some soreness exercising on my own. I walk and/or run occasionally, but working with Jinjer has gotten me back on track. The different routines she uses makes the personal training sessions fun. Jinjer has helped me to learn the correct way to work (focusing on body mechanics, proper breathing techniques and different types of training methods such as strength and endurance) without hurting myself. I was only able to complete 15 proper push ups in the first two weeks of training and; at the end of the six weeks, I completed a total of 50 push-ups non-stop with proper form. With Jinjer, you will get a great workout and have fun doing it. I have been blessed to have Jinjer as my CPT. Thanks, Jinjer!"

Kaye Layne, "It’s true … 'you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!' I will be 60 years old in five months, and I’ve learned the hard way that staying both physically active and in shape are essential for aging gracefully. About two or three months ago, excruciating pain grabbed me in my groin (psoas muscle in hip) area … where my leg bends at the hip. If you have ever hit your elbow’s funny bone, that’s the type of pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t walk without limping … favoring my leg because of the grabbing, debilitating pain. A bone density test showed I have arthritis in my hip and lower back, which didn’t help my situation. All this, I was told, is due to years and years of working a job that dictated “sitting” at a desk for hours at a time. I had developed a decreased range of motion in my left knee and hip making it difficult to move without pain. I didn’t know what to do, or where to turn, to ease the pain. It was fortunate for me that Jinjer Covert came to my rescue. She owns and operates her own business called A Step Above Personal Training Concepts. Working with Jinjer for a little over three weeks now has been a life-changing experience. Mobility changes in my left knee and hip have been dramatic, and my pain has diminished greatly. She is educating me, treating me, and creating an individualized plan of low impact aerobics, isometrics, weight-training, etc., that is helping me move back into the natural alignment my body was designed to maintain."

Rives Deaton, "Through my life, I have always been active and tried to stay in shape. I've done everything from aerobics and step classes to working with a trainer and working out on my own. I felt like I was in decent shape. That's until I met Jinjer and started her boot camp class. Jinjer has taken me to the next level of fitness. I feel better than I have in several years and I'm so grateful! Thank you Jinjer. "

Eric Deaton, "I have played sports all of my life, I played basketball, baseball, football and ran track in high school. I went on to play college basketball for a short time. After starting my career in healthcare due to the hours at work I found it difficult to stay in shape. Over the years I have tried various ways to get in shape including running… a lot, and have tried different workout routines with varying degrees of success. My wife Rives originally started going to boot camp with Jinjer and suggested I try the individual workout with Jinjer as my coach. I am about to complete my 6th week and can honestly say I am in the best shape I have been in over 10 years. Jinjer is a motivator and I look forward to my workouts three times a week. The routines are always different (boxing, martial arts, weight lifting, core exercises and cardiovascular conditioning) which not only keeps me from getting bored but also creates muscle confusion which accelerates the results from working out. I have seen significant change in the way I look and feel and I am sleeping better. I have lost at least 10 lbs in the past month and have decreased my resting heart rate from the low 70’s to the mid to low 60’s. Because I like to run I have incorporated running in my workouts by running to the studio, working out and then running home. By doing this I have burned in excess of 1200 calories per workout. In the past when I have worked out this hard I have ultimately injured myself, Jinjer is careful to ensure you are not pushing yourself to injury and always starts and ends every workout to ask you how you are feeling and if you feel you have over done the workout to the point of injury. If you are looking for a way to get in shape, injury free and stay motivated and have fun I can easy say that working with Jinjer and her staff at “A Step Above Training Concepts” is the way to go!"

Dr. Ann Marie Harman, "I have markedly increased my endurance and lost inches, averaging 1 pound of weight loss weekly working 3 days a week, with my Certified Personal Trainer."

Sarah Asbury, "While training with my CPT, I became more aware of my eating habits, began to set goals and overall I have made a life style change, feeling more confident in myself. I lost 7.25 inches training three times a week and have move down 4 clothing sizes over all. I have continued to lose weight, eat right, and gain strength in my maintenance programming."

Dr. Wendy Willis, "After training with my CPT, I could tell a big difference in my strength , endurance and overall fitness."

Andrew Stenhouse, "After needing a drastic change in my life, I decided to hire a Certified Personal Trainer to help me stay motivated and meet my fitness needs. In just the first six weeks of working with my CPT a minimum of three days a week, I lost a total of 22 pounds and 13.5 inches over all. I would recommend anyone to visit A Step Above Personal Training Concepts and their Certified Personal Trainers who are confident in their training and teaching abilities."

Mary Beth Belcher, "Since I have been working with my personal trainer, I have had more energy and a much healthier attitude about exercise and fitness. My workouts are fun and creative in addition to increasing my endurance, strength, and most importantly toning and losing inches." 

Kathy Epperly, "In just 5 short weeks of working with my Certified Personal Trainer three times a week plus participating in her Women’s Karate Boot Camp the other two days a week, I have lost 5% Body Fat and 51/2 inches overall. I couldn't be happier. The workouts have rejuvenated me in all areas of my life. I feel great!"

L.E. Younger, "I am extreamely happy with the results of my training sessions. After
five and half weeks, I dropped 3.5% body fat, five and half pounds of weight, 4 inches from my hips and waist, while gaining 3/4 " muscle in my arms. I feel better, more energetic and more confident."

Lauren Smith, "I enrolled in the A Step Above 'U-Fit' program for youth. I have scoliosis and found that after training with my CPT, I was able to not only learn about educational fitness such as losing weight, eating right and improving my muscular endurance, I was also able to do a cartwheel for the first time."

Anna Margolius, "With a diagnosis of osteopenia, I came to Jinjer seeking knowledge on the proper way to do weight-bearing exercises and build core strength. Not only did I gain expert knowledge but also acquired an internal 'can do" confidence. A delightful side effect of my training was watching my body 'shape shift' into a new me!"





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